mexican coated chick’n burger

The technological triad

  • Enjoy the perfect balance between the texture, taste, and Mexican style crispiness
  • The burger is high in Protein and fibers
  • 100% Vegan
  • Nutriscore A
  • Complemented by 2 SignaSalsa’s: Smokey Onion Ketchup and BBQ Mayonnaise

Mix-and-match of the Mexican coated chick’n burger:

  1. Bettercoat
    For a crispy potato-based product
  2. Unibind
    For uniform and stable binding
  3. Futuretex
    For the best structure and most delicious flavour sensation
  4. Signasalsa
    Tasty instant sauces that is easy to make
  5. Unimulse
    The perfect texture and flavour sensation, thanks to emulsification
  6. Spicysense
    For a nice spicy flavour

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