manufacturing delicious food together 

Dutch Protein & Services (DP&S) is an ambitious Dutch, family-owned business with over 50 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of functional ingredients for the food industry. For three generations, we have been developing and producing tailor-made, technologically advanced ingredients. Our food concepts are created in close cooperation with our customers: international food processing companies. Together, we shape the future of food, responding to new trends and requirements. Customer Focus, Food Expertise, Quality Assurance, Innovative Power, Sustainability and Reliability have been our top priorities from day one.

Mr. B.J. Driessen sr.

Mr. J. Driessen

Mr. J.C. Driessen

As a third-generation family-owned business, it is important to appreciate and remain committed to the pillars that have been established by the current and previous generations – namely Customer Focus, Food Expertise, Quality Assurance, Innovative Power, Sustainability and Reliability. Ultimately, these not only form the roots of our company, but also determine its internal culture and spirit. Every generation, especially at DP&S, learns from the one before and then shapes the roots of the organisation in its own unique way.

Our mission: better food for the generations to come

Although the past and present have shaped our business, we focus mainly on the future. Our vision of the future of food is the reason why we do what we do. It all revolves around the next generation! This future-oriented vision has always been the driving force behind all our actions and developments. DP&S wants to provide the next generations with the right building blocks. Therefore, we continuously ask ourselves this question: what does DP&S wish for the generations to come? And how can the current generation of DP&S contribute to that?



In the 1960s, Chemex is a major supplier to Verstegen, the Rotterdam-based company specialising in herbs and spices.


1st generation

Mr. B.J. Driessen The then-owner of Verstegen, Mr B.J. Driessen, acquires Chemex.


2nd generation

Mr. J. Driessen acquires both Verstegen and Chemex from his father.


DP&S Food

In September 1987, Chemex is renamed ‘Dutch Protein & Services', abbreviated to DP&S.


New factory in Tiel

DP&S outgrows its premises in Bleiswijk. The company settles in centrally located Tiel.


3rd generation 

Mr. J.C. Driessen In June 2000, Mr. J.C. Driessen joins the company as Account Manager Export.


New generation takes the helm

Mr. J.C. Driessen purchases shares from his father in 2003 (30%) and again in 2005 (21%). In 2008, he acquires the remaining 49% of the shares.


New logo

In order to give more expression to what DP&S stands for, the '&' sign is given a prominent position in the logo. The mission statement – ‘Manufacturing Delicious Food Together’ – is also added to the logo.


DP&S Turkey

In 2010 DP&S opens its branch office abroad, in Istanbul (Turkey).


Future Concepts

To guarantee continuous innovation, DP&S establishes the Future Concepts department to conduct R&D and shape its ideas and visions for future products.


DP&S Greece

DP&S opens its branch office in Thessaloniki (Greece).


New factory

At the end of 2020, DP&S's new factory becomes operational. It is a four-storey building of 21 metres high.


Sustainable development goals

DP&S formulates clear ambitions regarding sustainability.


New brand identity

DP&S introduces a new brand identity that is better aligned with the company and its current ambitions.