The vegan basic texture of the future

Texturised protein products for a nutritious plant-based diet

More and more consumers are adopting a vegetarian, vegan or “flexitarian” diet. At DP&S, we think it is important that there is a variety of nutritious and tasty products on the shelves for this group of consumers. Our unique textured proteins enable the creation of meat-like textures that are impossible to distinguish from real meat, resulting in products such as vegetarian and vegan sausages, burgers and nuggets.

FutureTex texturised protein products are the preferred technological components used for creating or improving:

  • Texture and structure in vegetarian and vegan products
  • Higher protein levels
  • More dietary fibre
  • Overall better nutritional values in vegetarian and vegan products

Examples of how our FutureTex solutions can be used

FutureTex texturised protein products can be used in:

  • vegetarian and vegan products
  • Fresh and frozen products 

DP&S develops tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of applications

Because the market for vegetarian and vegan products is growing rapidly, it is paramount to keep a close eye on the quality and nutritional value of these products. So, in addition to taste, texture and juiciness, the nutritional and health value is very important.

At Dutch Protein & Services, we specialise in developing food components that meet specific wishes and requirements. We are known to maximise protein functionality either from the base material or by adding specific proteins that work in combination with specially developed binders and stabilisers. In addition, sustainability is an aspect that is of great importance to us. This is reflected in our products.

The development process of each of our tailor-made solutions takes place in close cooperation with you, our highly valued client. After defining your wishes and requirements, together we set the framework for developing the product. In doing so, we look at the raw materials you use, specific requirements for the end product and your production process. This is the basis of your innovative product.