we care for a healthy planet

Sustainability is inextricably linked to the next generation and afterwards, so an important generic topic for our third generation family business.

Contributing to a better future for the generations to come is one of the pillars of our company. High-quality products, food safety and sustainability are therefore important themes throughout our business operations.

Food quality and sustainable production processes are becoming increasingly important. At DP&S, we have been setting high standards for our products for decades. We therefore consider it a good development that consumers are becoming more critical.

When developing our products, we only use the very best ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced locally when possible. If desired, our products can be supplied with halal, kosher, organic or gluten free certification. We apply a sustainability strategy that is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We are also a member of RTRS, and all soy we process is certified. In addition, most of our palm-related ingredients that are processed at our factory are RSPO certified, although the objective is to limit the use of palm as much as possible. In these, and various other ways, we try to contribute to making the food industry more sustainable.




strict quality control from farm to fork

Raw materials undergo intensive checks before they are allowed into our factory. We don’t just let anything in.

In fact, every raw material we work with receives a unique DP&S ‘passport’ – and that passport is actively checked for all arrivals. We perform extremely thorough supplier analysis and checks. Using Riskplaza Plus, the food safety risks of all our raw materials are analysed in advance and subsequently managed. Riskplaza gives us access to notification systems about the latest worldwide developments relating to legislation, food safety and food fraud. This enables us to assess and test our raw materials both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Using Simply OK, we qualitatively and quantitatively analyse the maximum risk of cross-contamination so that we have continuous insight into that risk and the implications for DP&S and our customers. We only award a passport to raw materials that pass our assessments and tests, and that passport is checked every time we receive a new delivery.




high quality and sustainable manufacturing

Quality and sustainability are not only important to us when it comes to ingredients; our production methods also meet high quality standards.

Our brand new factory was built without gas. And, among other things, heat pumps are used for floor cooling and heating and there is a high insulation value. The packaging (PE) we use is recyclable, this is also stated on all our labels, and we only use reusable plastic pallets. Lastly, we are SKAL certified. This means we can make BIO products – this is on customer demand.


When manufacturing, we follow the highest hygiene standards. We regularly welcome external auditors, who assess the state of our premises, production halls and raw materials we use. They also ensure that we follow the correct procedures for manufacturing, storage and cleaning.

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