Fish ‘n chips

The technological triad

  • 100% Vegan fish bites
  • Better than fish in so many ways
  • Rounded off with a beautiful SpicySense
  • Served with SignaSalsa remoulade and fries with a crunchy BetterCoat
  • Nutriscore B

Mix-and-match of the fish ‘n chips:

  1. Bettercoat
    For a crispy potato-based product
  2. Spicysense
    For a nice spicy flavour
  3. Unibind
    For uniform and stable binding
  4. Unistabil
    A functiontional basis for stability
  5. Crunchycoat
    Crispy, delicious and healthier from the oven and / or airfryer
  6. Signasalsa
    Tasty instant sauces that is easy to make

manufacturing delicious food together