Crispy, delicious and healthier from the oven and / or airfryer

DP&S Crunchy Coat on Panga Fillet

We create crispy, delicious and healthier ovenready products. Thanks to CrunchyCoat, breaded products that are reheated in the oven are just as crispy and delicious as products fried in the traditional way.
Developing the CrunchyCoat specifically for the intended product and also aligning the process with the aim of making the tastiest oven-ready product results in an oven and air fryer product that is equally as delicious as comparable products that require frying.

  • The Crunchy Coat is designed for oven reheating or air fryer reheating
  • Just as crunchy as traditional fried products!
  • A specific 3-step coating system is applied
  • Suitable for No-Fry, Prefry, and Prefry – Fully Cook production processes
  • Various tastes can be implemented
  • Reheating in an oven / air fryer (Or pan or fryer)