During the Potato and Appetizer Event on 28 and 29 November 2023 our customers experienced live demonstrations with Marel equipment to show the production of potato specialty products and finger foods. Combining the expertise of Marel, Profenco, DP&S and the participants allowed the presentation of, and discussion about innovative solutions that create new opportunities.

We demonstrated our Core-, Coating- and Flavouring Solutions. Our product concepts were produced live in the Demo Center of Marel in Boxmeer (NL). Together we’ve tasted the results of demo products such as a Broccoli/Potato/Cheddar Bite, a Sweet Potato donut, a Vegan Breaded Pop, crispy coated Halloumi sticks and Tandoori coated Potato Wedges. Are you curious? just send us a message and we will inform you in more detail.