Plant-Based Global Standard for DP&S vegan and veggy products

World First!

26 October 2020 | Dutch Protein & Services (DP&S) is the first company in the world that meets the rigorous conditions of the new standard for plant-based products.

This gives you and your customers the assurance that all our ingredients for vegan and vegetarian products are guaranteed free of animal by-products. An essential point of distinction in this growing market.

Is it really, fully plant-based what I drink or eat nowadays? This is what vegetarians and vegans wonder daily, because the origin of the ingredients is not always immediately clear. Legislation for this product group is lacking so far. That is why DP&S directly registered for certification when BRCGS recently introduced the Plant-Based Global Standard. It is important to us that consumers are clearly and honestly informed. And that they get what the packaging promises.

Guaranteed free of animal by-products

Producers which meet the requirements of the new Plant-Based Global Standard, are allowed to show the “informed plant-based” logo on their packaging. This guarantees the consumers that this product has no ingredients of animal origin and that the ingredients have not been in contact with any animal products. The underlying quality management system and certification process are developed by BRCGS, founded on scientific, worldwide acknowledged protocols. BRCGS is market leader in the area of food safety and the protection of consumers and brands. The equally reputable Lloyd’s Register signed for the audit with DP&S.


Producers which meet the requirements of the new Plant-Based Global Standard, are allowed to show this logo on their packaging.



100% vegan. Guaranteed!

DP&S is certified based on the new Plant-Based Global Standard, developed by BRCGS. This gives you the following guarantees:

  • Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin
  • Every production batch is 100 % traceable in terms of origin and composition
  • All procedures and processes meet the strict standards of BRCGS
  • Cross-contamination is avoided, from purchasing to packaging

Added value

For DP&S the Plant-Based Global Standard is a valuable addition to BRC8 and other certifications for organic, halal, kosher and allergen-free food. We have the experience to avoid cross-contamination and are used to meet the highest standards in regard to food safety and quality management, from purchasing to packaging. Every production batch is 100 % traceable in terms of origin and composition. This way we offer consumers and producers optimal security, for 180 vegan and vegetarian products.

Good news for You!

For your organisation the Plant-Based Global Standard is also a good opportunity to differentiate yourself in this growing market and to strengthen the trust in your brand(s). By teaming up with DP&S you take an important step forward to certification. If you are ready to participate we are glad to share our experiences with you.


You can find more information about the new Plant-Based Global Standard at


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